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Columbus is the capital and largest city in Ohio and is located where the Rust Belt, Bible Belt, Appalachia, and the Plains meet, making Columbus is a fusion of many different parts of America. Columbus is the proud home of Ohio State University and was ranking by Money Magazine in 2016 as one of "The 6 Best Big Cities", calling it the best in the Midwest. Downtown - Central business district, the state Capitol and the amazing COSI museum that kids love for its interactive exhibits. University Area - Home of Ohio State and all the nightlife, college sports events and activities that come along with the nations largest university student body. Northwest - Great attractions like the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which is a DDUX staff favorite, the Ohio State Fair, Dublin, and the popular Polaris Fashion Place shopping district. A DDUX favorite area! Northeast - The Columbus airport is located here, the Easton Town Center shopping and entertainment district and more. South - The Adena Conical Burial Mound and the Ohio Craft Museum call Columbus South home.

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Known for great festivals and events like The Dublin Irish Festival, The Columbus Arts Festival, and the Ohio State Fair, Columbus offers plenty of things to do as Ohio's largest city and home to Ohio State University.


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Get insider tips to enjoy Columbus, Ohio like a local, enjoy its festivals, Ohio State activities, music scene, and more. See more

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