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"Coral Springs is a part of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood media market, which is the twelfth largest radio market[69] and the seventeenth largest television market[70] in the United States. Its primary daily newspapers are the South Florida-Sun Sentinel and The Miami Herald, and their Spanish-language counterparts El Sentinel and El Nuevo Herald. The city is home to two local weekly newspapers, the Coral Springs Forum and Our Town News. Both publications focus on local issues and human interest stories. The Coral Springs Forum was founded in 1971 by local high school students, the publication was sold after their graduation to local residents. Later the company became a subsidiary of the Tribune Company, the South Florida-Sun Sentinel publisher.[7] The Coral Springs Center for the Arts opened in 1990. Originally planned to be a gymnasium, a US$4 million renovation in 1996 added a 1,471 seat theater.[71] The theater presents a program of popular shows and a yearly Broadway series. The 8,000-square-foot (700 m2) Coral Springs Museum of Art has a small number of exhibits and focuses on art classes and programs for the local community.[72] There is currently one public library in the city, the Northwest Regional Library, affiliated with the county-wide Broward County Library system. The band New Found Glory hails from Coral Springs and was formed in the city.[73] The Covered Bridge was the first permanent structure in the city The ""Our Town"" Festival has been continuously held since 1979, first sponsored by the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, and promoted by a non-profit organization since 1997.[74] The event has a car show, a beauty pageant and carnival rides. The festival attracted more than 100,000 attendees in 1984,[75] and the city estimated 200,000 visitors at the 1990 event.[76] A parade was added to the event in 1985;[77] since 1994, the parade has been run as a separate event during the Christmas season.[78] Several other festivals are held throughout the year, such as ""Fiesta Coral Springs"", a Hispanic culture celebration, and the Festival of the Arts.[79] At Coral Springs' 25th Anniversary Party, the Guinness World Record for ""Largest Hamburger and Milkshake"" was broken on July 10, 1988.[80] The hamburger measured 26 feet (8 m) in diameter and weighed 5063 pounds. The record stood for just over a year.[81] Coral Springs has two designated Florida Heritage sites.[82] The Coral Springs Covered Bridge was the first structure built in the city, in 1964. The steel bridge, 40 feet (12 m) in length, is the only covered bridge in Florida in the public right-of-way. The American Snuff Company provided two historical designs for the bridge sides, to make the structure appear aged. The Covered Bridge is depicted in Coral Springs' seal. The Museum of Coral Springs History started as a real estate office. Built outside the city limits, the single-room wooden structure was moved to Coral Springs and became its first administration building. Later it was used as the first police station, and as a Jaycees clubhouse; it was moved to the city dump in 1976, where it was used as a fire department training site for smoke drills. After it was inadvertently set on fire, public outcry prompted the building's relocation to Mullins Park for restoration. Since 1978, it has housed the city's history museum. The exhibits in the museum are historic items and city models.[83]"

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