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Hollywood is filled with about 60 parks, seven golf courses, and sandy beaches that run for miles. The famous Hollywood Beach is known for its great broadwalk that extends about 2.5 miles along the Atlantic Ocean.[6] Parking is available on side streets or in parking garages for a large fee, and public trolleys run through the day. Countless restaurants and hotels line the broadwalk along with a theatre, children's playground, and many other attractions including bicycle rental shops, ice cream parlors, souvenir shops, and a farmer's market. Many of the restaurants offer outdoor seating for patrons to enjoy the seabreeze and scenery. The broadwalk is vibrant and lively and is a scenic place for walking and jogging; there is also bike lane for bicyclists and rollerbladers. In the evenings, many restaurant and the bandshell off of Johnson Street showcase musicians and spontaneous dancing may occur in the broadwalk. Young Circle is another exciting area surrounded by dozens of shops, restaurants, and bars. A Food Truck Takeover occurs every Monday, during which dozens of local food trucks park and create an ever-changing opportunity for hungry masses to experience a variety of cuisines; one can expect to see Cuban, Venezuelan, Mediterranean, Mexican, Jamaican, and/or Peruvian foods in addition to barbecue, burgers, gourmet grilled cheese, and dessert trucks

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