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Known as one the trend setting cities in the world for fashion, media, entertainment and lifestyle, Los Angeles is rich in history and cultural heritage. Often referred to as the arts and entertainment capital of the world, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a live show at one of the many studios, listen to live music in a local venue or catch a concert at the Hollywood Bowl or explore the downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) arts district. Famous its climate, LA has great beaches, mountains and national forests where outdoor recreation opportunities abound. The best way to explore LA is by exploring its vibrant amazing multicultural neighborhoods. The Tournament of Roses is one of the more famous events to occur in the Los Angeles area, with the massive Rose Parade, tailgating and the Rose Bowl football game. Of course, LA is famous for its celebrity culture, and you can spot many familiar faces from movies and TV in places like the Melrose Trading Post, Ventura Blvd or the Studio City Farmers Market or near the major studios in Burbank.

@_kmuns | "One of the biggest things that keeps me going here is the flora. I’ll go on a walk and be astounded by all the different, crazy, exotic, beautiful plant life that’s covering this city. I’m totally transfixed. Whenever I’m feeling down, I know I can get inspired just by someone’s backyard." - @jsuskin 🌸 What's your favorite thing about L.A.? Tell us your story in the comments. #discoverLA

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From Coachella to E3, the world's largest conference/cosplay convention, to the worlds biggest Halloween party, Los Angeles is full of famous events all year long. Search for top events in Los Angeles


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