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Known to be one of California’s primary economic centers and the centerpiece of the Bay Area, San Francisco is known worldwide for its iconic landmarks and distinctive culture. Its liberal community, hilly terrain, Victorian architecture, scenic beauty, summer fog, and great ethnic and cultural diversity are only just some of what makes the City By the Bay so unique. One of the city’s most unique sites is the Golden Gate Bridge, which spans the channel connecting San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The city is also a hub for LGBTQ and alternative culture, drawing tourists from worldwide who wish to experience San Francisco’s open and accepting culture.

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From the Golden Gate Bridge, to Fishermans Wharf, to being the city by the bay, San Francisco's widespread range of events complement one another to create a vibrant city, which shines through in the area’s events and the people who attend them. You'll see everything from top developer tech conferences to freaky street fairs to cultural parades. San Francisco is packed with eclectic advenures. Search for top events in San Francisco

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Unusual gems are hidden within San Franciscos bustling neighborhoods. Get all the best tips on the obscure native events known to SF locals. Read more