The Story behind our Solution

Everyone has said wouldn't it be great if we could just get this or that information. But how much time/money will it take to get a predictable, repeatable, and satisfying result? Software will have to be written, data models will have to be created, apps will be deployed, data will located cleaned and transformed, AI will be applied.

Some data will be in structured data sets, making it relatively easy to access. However, most data will be in unstructured data sets such as articles on websites, social media posts, images and audio files. Some information sources are open and freer, whereas others are behind pay per use firewalls. Structured data sets have no common protocols for defining and sharing data, although some progress has been made in this area with RDF, CAP for emergency events, incident response (computer security, customer problems, etc.). Many sources actually will need new sensors deployed in order to harvest data being created. Finally, the massive growth of IoT devices mean that the problems around capturing and organizing event data are accelerating, while the opportunities that can be harvested for the savvy business professional / owner are increasing.

We decided to do something it. Based on years of research, we have created an engine that provides a user a very personalized, flexible, and detailed data modeling experience with no required programming skills, analytics capabilities, or access to large corporate budgets and infrastructure. To achieve this goal, we have abstracted the data models in the engine to be as abstract as possible. We have also woven AI throughout the modeling process so any user can easily create satisfying models by simply responding to our fun and easy suggestions.

In summary, we are putting the power of computing, data science, and big data in the hands of the small business owners, artists and creatives, parents, as well as analysts at Fortune 500 companies. In further summary, our goal is to drive the cost of making sense and using data as close to 0 as we can, while broadening the capabilities and ease of use as much as we can.

We have started by modeling events. Our users are now finding fun and interesting things to do. The DDUX event app is a highly configurable personal event app - it scours the internet looking for event information that you care about. The event app makes it easy for you to register for events, purchase tickets and receive day of event alerts to warn you of traffic delays, announcements from event organizers, etc.

The Science behind our Solution

If you would like more information about our technology and the science behind our solution, please contact us and let us know your area of interest. We will be happy to send you a relevant white paper.